Obayashi USA

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Yoshiharu Nakamura, Joe Stamates, Toshimi Sato


Obayashi Corporation was founded as a building construction and civil engineering company in 1892 by Yoshigoro Obayashi in Osaka, Japan. After becoming one of the leading construction companies in Japan and East Asia, Obayashi’s first project in the US market was the Surfrider Hotel in Hawaii completed in 1969. In 1972 Obayashi established Obayashi America Corporation (OAC) in Los Angeles to provide a wide range of construction services from tenant improvement to the construction of office buildings, residential condominiums, banks, hotels, warehouses, and large-scale industrial projects.

Today, Obayashi Corporation has grown to become one of the premier construction companies in the world with FYE 2016 volume of $16 billion. Obayashi is known world-wide for construction excellence, technological innovation, and research in such areas as solar, wind and geothermal power generation, and environmentally friendly residential communities.

As Obayashi’s presence in the US has grown they have sought out and invested in North American construction companies that share their values. Starting in the 1970’s with James E. Roberts-Obayashi Corporation, and later with Webcor Builders (Alameda, CA), E. W. Howell Co., LLC (Plainview, NY), and Kenaidan Group Ltd. (Toronto, Canada), Obayashi has expanded by partnering with like-minded companies.

Most recently, JS Builders LLC has been added to this distinguished list of Obayashi companies.   

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