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Project Name: Valdez II

Project Address: 2415 Valdez Street, Oakland, CA

Units: 89

ALL BIDS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN: Thursday August 29th, 2019 @ 2:00 PM

JS Builders, LLC has been selected as the General Contractor and is requesting subcontractor quotations for the 2415 Valdez Street Project located in Oakland, CA 94612.


This project consisting of a 5-story wood frame (Type III) over Type I Concrete Podium project consisting of 89 residential units totaling 33,581 GSF and covering a Site Area of 7,280 SF.


The scope of work shall include the cost of all necessary labor, material, equipment, supplies, and supervision to complete the work in accordance with the documents referenced in the Invitation to Bid and General Bid Criteria and instructions contained herein.

This project is an open shop, non-prevailing wage project with no hiring requirements. Please review the contract documents thoroughly. Non-Union and Union bids are acceptable.


Construction is slated to start October 1st of 2019 and the project duration is 17 months.

PLANS AND SPECS: Click here to download

The plans and specification will also be available at the San Francisco Builders Exchange, Reed Construction Data, Alameda Builders Exchange, Peninsula Builders Exchange, McGraw/Hill Construction and the JS Builders Plan Room.


The primary documents for pricing are the following:

1. Joint Trench Urban Design Consulting Engineers dated 08/07/19.

2. Geotech by Rockridge Geotechnical dated 08/28/18.

3. Civil Drawings by Calichi Design Group dated 08/07/19.

4. Landscape by Lowney Architecture dated 08/07/19.

5. Architectural Drawings by Lowney Architecture dated 08/07/19.

6. Structural Drawings by KPW Structural Engineers dated 08/07/19.

7. Mechanical-Electrical- Plumbing drawings by Robinson Engineering dated 08/07/19.

8. Construction Noise Control Plan by CSDA Design Group dated 06/11/19.

The documents included may not represent all the criteria for the work. Please ensure you comply with all governing codes, ordinances, rules, regulations, etc. of the various agencies, utilities, and municipalities, which have jurisdiction over the work.

JS Builders as a general policy does not print documents for bidding purposes. We perform our take-offs from electronic documents to the extent possible. In addition to greater efficiencies and accuracy, this is for both environmental concerns and costs. Bid documents will be sent directly to you and are available in pdf format electronically from Contractor. It is JS Builders hope that all subcontractors will be able to work off electronic documents; however, if exceptions are necessary, please contact Harold Macatuno direct at


1. All bid proposals are due via mail, e-mail, or hand delivery by 2:00 p.m. on Thursday August 29th, 2019 in the office of JS Builders, LLC at 2600 Old Crow Canyon Road, Suite 200, San Ramon, CA 94583; 925-399-8811; or

2. Work of this contract is expected to start in October of 2019 and is expected to take 17 months and should be priced accordingly. The work consists 89 new apartment building, including but not limited to demolition and earthwork, shoring, concrete, wood framing, exterior stucco, metal fabrication, pre-cast stairs and landings, drywall, cabinets, flooring, paint, quartz tops, ceramic tile, vinyl windows and storefront system, site concrete, and landscape along with all site amenities per the plans and reports provided. Bidders are assumed to be knowledgeable of this type of work and shall include all normal requirements to produce a complete project ready for its intended use as described by these documents. All bidders should do a site visit to completely understand the site constraints and surrounding conditions. Any damage to surrounding improvements will be replaced to the condition prior to commencement of construction. Parking is extremely limited around the site, all parking will be on a first come and serve basis only. JSB does NOT provide parking for Subcontractors.

3. The Contract Documents are presented as complete and with the intention to provide a complete project. Any errors, discrepancies or omissions shall be brought to JS Builders, LLC’s attention prior to bid. Any bid qualifications must be related to a document conflict and/or omission and must be specifically spelled out in Bid Proposal. It is the intent of JS Builders, LLC to provide complete and fully operational buildings. We will not accept change orders for requirement conflicts in/or between the plans and/or specifications, manufactures installation requirements, or applicable codes. All subcontractors and suppliers are required to call our attention to potential conflicts or items included in the specifications that are not intended to be provided. Bids received with no qualifications/exclusions will be assumed to be in strict accordance with both the plans and specifications. Bidders are required to list all specification sections relating to work being included in the applicable bid proposal. Bids will be assumed to include the entire specification sections referenced unless there are corresponding exclusions.

4. Where the term “Contractor” is used throughout the specification it should be interpreted to mean “Subcontractor”.

5. JS Builders, LLC will accept and encourages value engineering alternates, subcontractor is to bid specified work, include VE Alternates separately.

6. It is further understood that all subcontract proposals shall include traffic control, street cleaning, employee parking, clean-up and debris removal all as directed by the General Contractor as pertains to the work included in the subcontract. All OSHA requirements, latest editions, shall be strictly adhered to and enforced and are an integral part of all subcontract agreements.

7. The owner will provide the building permit, subcontractors are responsible to provide and pay for any other permits and fees necessary for the completion of the work included in bid proposal. Provide separate breakout of permit FEE.

8. JOSBSITE WORK HOURS will be strictly enforced and are as follows: M-F 7:00am to 5:00pm; Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm pending City of Oakland Approval.

9. JS Builders, LLC will provide basic control lines and bench marks only. Subcontractors are responsible for additional layout and setting of grades required to complete proposed work.

Subcontractors are responsible for all rigging and hoisting of all material, equipment and debris associated with scope of work included in proposal. Security of subcontractor tools, equipment, materials, auto’s and office is the sole responsibility of the subcontractor. Subcontractor shall insure against the possibility of theft or vandalism. Neither the owner nor JS Builders, LLC shall accept claims for the above.

10. JS BUILDERS, LLC General Terms and Conditions will be attached to all subcontracts and purchase orders. A copy of these is available for review. We will not accept any alteration of the attached terms unless specifically requested and outlined with the bid proposal. Bid proposals will not be accepted as a subcontract attachment.

· 10% retention will be held on all contracts and purchase orders. All proposals shall allow for this retention. Payments to subcontractors/suppliers shall be made upon receipt from owner. Any alternative payment proposals shall be outlined in bid proposal with appropriate deductive price to accept terms, No Exceptions.

· All subcontractors, suppliers to provide schedule information for items included in bid proposals. Provide number of work days to complete work (not man days), lead times etc.

· Change order mark-ups to be no greater than 10% overhead and 5% profit. Hourly rates for T & M shall be appropriate wage rate plus burden plus overhead and profit specified above. Subcontractors must provide T&M rates with their bid proposal.

· Subcontractors must have current and valid contractor’s license and meet all insurance requirements.

· All Subcontractors to carry and include their own Workers Compensation, General Liability, & Auto Insurance for this project. This project does not fall under an OCIP/CCIP insurance program.

11. All bidders shall review entire set of plans and the project manual. We will not accept additional charges or change orders for work indicated in “other plans or specification sections”.

All questions regarding scope of work or document clarification should be e-mailed to JS BUILDERS, LLC, Attn: Joe Stamates at or Harold Macatuno at or call 925-399-8811.